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Kawasaki Lawn Care is a full service irrigation  company. My company has proudly been serving the irrigation needs of Orange County, Inland Empire and the Los Angeles area for over 10 years. If there is any need for hiring a full service irrigation service for your home please contact  Kawasaki Lawn Care. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your experience with us. My company stands by its work and will ensure you are satisfied after our work is complete.

Our company services both commercial and residential properties and also offers all types of irrigation services: sprinkler heads, valves, full sprinkler system checkup, commercial and residential timers and any adjustments. A full sprinkler system check up  includes but is not limited to: re-positioning the sprinkler heads, checking valves, pipes and sprinklers  to ensure they are not leaking. We will adjust  your timer to ensure maximum water efficiency.  We can provide you with a variety of sprinkler heads ranging from Weathermatic & Hunter,  Toro and Rainbird.  You can depend upon us for any of your irrigation needs.

Why choose Kawasaki Lawn Care…

1. We are efficient, knowledgeable and will respond to any concerns or questions.

2. We make recommendations after a careful analysis of your needs and then clearly explain the options available.

3. We will  provide you with a formal estimate detailing the total cost of the work to be performed.

4. We  clearly explain  the project specifications in a way you will understand.

5. Kawasaki Lawn Care will take all necessary steps to avoid damage to your lawn and surrounding landscaping environment.

6. Our experienced crews work in teams of two or three which  minimizes the time at your property.

7. For larger jobs such as irrigation replacement or sod installation; we will bring on larger crews to maximize efficiency in completing the job on time.

8. We return all calls, texts and emails  within 24 hours or sooner

Common irrigation repairs:

  • Broken PVC Pipe
  • Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Malfunctioning Control Valves
  • Locating Irrigation System Leaks
  • Repairing Sprinkler System Leaks
  • Wiring Problems
  • Updating Systems for Efficiency
  • Raising and Lowering Sprinkler Heads
  • Locating Valves
  • Repairing Controllers
  • Repairing Backflow Preventers

Kawasaki Lawncare

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