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Curb appeal for your property begins with your landscaping. The most obvious place to begin improving your yard is with the grass.  The best first step you can take toward improving the grass is aeration.  Aeration is simply a fancy word for poking a lot of holes in your lawn.  The principle behind this is simple enough: the holes allow more moisture to seep down into your lawn’s roots rather than run off.

Fertilization is another easy way to help your lawn.  For most lawns one pass of soil conditionerand another of fertilizer will get you well on your way.  Soil conditioner essentially helps break up the soil so-again-more moisture will make its way to the lawn’s roots.

Seeding introduces new, young grass plants and helps the lawn take on a newer, fresher appearance. Reseeding also fills in bare spots, make the lawn thicker and crowds out weeds and moss.Regular mowing, proper cutting height, feeding and watering are other important factors. Any reseeding should be done by Oct. 15. If you wait longer the weather may get too cold for the seed to germinate properly. The next best time for reseeding is after March 15.

Emergent and Pre-emergent Chemicals will keep the weeds at bay. The key to killing weeds without killing your lawn is to know your enemy.  Weeds such as crabgrass and pigweed are best treated with a pre-emergence herbicide in the spring.  Make sure to buy one that won’t harm grasses.  Other weeds, such as the dandelion, are best dealt with by using a post-emergence herbicide in the fall.  Weeds can come from a variety of sources such as your neighbor and other lawn mowers.

Cutting your grass too short may encourage weeds to sprout.  It may seem like a timesaver in the short-term, but you’re actually giving more weed seeds a chance to germinate by exposing them to sunlight.  A very short lawn is also susceptible to problems in high temperatures and dry weather.  If your lawnmower has three settings, always use the middle one, which should be cut the grass about two inches high.

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