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Keep your lawn beautiful

Kawasaki Lawn Care provides the most effective lawn care maintenance program for your lawn. Allowing your lawn to reach it’s full  potential will require you to have a  proper schedule for your lawn. Kawasaki lawn care contractors have a wealth of experience and will provide the proper direction for your lawn to become lush and green.

Lawn Mowing

A proper lawn mowing program is necessary with the goal of creating a healthy lawn.  Our machines our maintained on a regular basis to ensure your lawn does not become diseased or infected with weeds. We also monitor how short or long the grass is cut to ensure the survival of the lawn. Our lawn contractors take the necessary steps to ensure your grass is not damaged and your lawn remains healthy.

An important tip to keep in mind is that you must always keep the length of the lawn a bit longer. A good height of the grass is approximately, 2.5 to 3 inches. This length is considered  ideal as the length allows the grass to create food through photosynthesis and will allow it to flourish. Furthermore, a thicker grass develops deeper roots which inhibits the growth of any weeds in the garden or lawn. A general rule which can be followed for mowing the lawn is to mow the lawn proportionately to the weather and the area you reside.

Mowing tips to keep your Lawn lush and beautiful throughout the season:

  • Mowing should be done on dry grass only.
  • The blades of the mower should be sharp.
  • Avoid cutting close to the ground as it may scalp the lawn.
  • Regularly maintain the blades of the mower.
  • During  hot weather keep the length of the grass long; cooler weather keep the grass shorter.

Watering your Lawn

Watering the lawn is vitally important but the amount and process will depend on the type of climate and soil of your area. The type of grass also effects this process. The best way to figure this out is to check the condition of your lawn. A springy lawn, meaning the kind where your footprint does not stay too long after walking on the ground, denotes that it does not need water. If your footprint remains then it means that the lawn needs watering. The water should reach the roots of the grass and it should be done twice a week. Watering twice is considered more effective than watering every day. A lawn needs around 1 to 1.5 inches of rainfall water per week. Having a timer to control the time when the lawn is watered is highly  recommended. Watering should always be done in the early morning hours to prevent fungus and mold. Properly maintaining your sprinklers should be done on a weekly basis. A leaking sprinkler pipe or head can cause hundreds of gallons of water to be wasted. Kawasaki Lawn Care will  provide you with an experienced specialist   to advise you on proper watering  techniques and to ensure your irrigation system is working properly.

Kawasaki Lawncare

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