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Kawasaki Lawn Care is a locally owned and operated company. We offer professional and affordable services which ensures you receive a great price  and top-notch lawn care.

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With over 10 years of experience, we are so confident in our work that we will refund your money if you aren’t satisfied! We speak fluent English and Spanish and offer a wide variety of services. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE! Thank you for visiting our web site!

                          HOMEOWNERS IN FINANCIAL DISTRESS…

Please do not discount having your yard maintained in these difficult times! We work with homeowners and sellers in financial distress to ensure that their yard is in optimal condition when it is put on the market.

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We understand a family may have difficulty paying their bills and may not put their yard as their first priority.  But, we will work diligently to ensure that you are able to make our affordable payments. Think of our company and services as an INVESTMENT, not another bill!

Kawasaki Lawncare

Tree Trimming, Lawncare, Irrigation Repair Made Affordable Tree Trimming, Lawncare, Irrigation Repair Made Affordable

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